"Changing the world together." For humanity's survival. |

"Changing the world together." For humanity's survival.


  • That spinning globe you see below is so very rare. It is all we have. We can't just pack up and move to another planet.
    Respect what we have.
    Did you know that we are more similar than we think?
    1. Our human DNA is 99.5+% identical? This is amazing.
    2. We are the most similar species in our DNA than any species on earth.
    3. Similarity to chimps, only above 90% depending on calculations.
    Let's stop acting like chimps and start appreciating what we have together on this lonely sphere.
    Did you know:
    1. A meteorite strike in Argentina this past April.
    2. A meteorite strike in Russia if February, over one thousand people injured.
    3. 1983 NATO exercise that was just "one" critical decision away from world destruction.
    Yes, we were THAT close; in 1983, the world as we knew it was almost changed forever! Our world, our comfortable existence was one decision from nuclear devastation! Imagine now, no electricity, no running water, no food markets, no life as you are use to!

    Just imagine how much more advanced all of our cultures would be if most of our attention, by everyone, every culture, was "positively" directed on species and global advancement and improvement. We would have been and can be incredibly advanced! Cancer would be eradicated, incredible new energy sources on line, world hunger completely resolved. Our energies being spent on future success!
    Things that catch us completely off guard; a close asteroid fly by; a meteor explosion as seen in Russia, also one in Argentina. A global catastrophe of any kind just around the corner; earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or even an unexpected local disorder in your neighborhood. Even a superior alien species suddenly shows up in our atmosphere.
    Are you ready? Today, tomorrow, it can happen that quickly and in the blink of an eye we find ourselves suddenly struggling to survive. A rapid chain of events either natural or man-made could result in threatening or extinguishing our very existence. Instant chaos, sudden local violence, are we as the superior species (responsible custodians of this planet), prepared to protect it and each other?
    Humanity (all of us Earth Sapiens) need to "grow up" and refocus our mind-set to the survival of the human race, the survival of all organic life that is precious and unique to our world and how we will deal with threatening events, selfish leadership, and stop our continued destruction of each other.
    These so called leaders need to be removed (peacefully) and you and I need to be more respectful to one another.
    Don't let others "compare" the human race to "other" species as if we are animals! Yes, we do have to survive, but to equate us with any other species is totally incorrect, bias, and again a perfect example of individuals trying to influence the majority. No other species has self-awareness! And this alone makes us "different" than other species on this planet. Do not be fooled by what others say or do. Do only what YOU think is right!

  • Earth Sapiens Unite!

    Be open to change. Understanding and accepting this philosophy is challenging. Join the growing movement with fellow Earth Sapiens that are finally awakening to how absolutely rare we and our planet truly is. You are an Earth Sapien. Realize that. Accept that. Practice respecting those around you in your daily life. Realize that we must respect each and every Earth Sapien, each individual mind. If you take away that life, that mind, we’ve lost something that may have changed our humanity; cure to cancer, a new fuel resource, maybe even an end to world starvation. But that life, that mind, that entity is no longer. To learn more, click on the Earth Sapiens Unite page on the grey page strip above.